What’s New in v5.5.0

What’s New in v5.5.0

What’s New in v5.5.0

New Features

  • Campaigns.Get API Endpoint Enhancements: Updated to support CampaignStatus=Scheduled for better campaign management. [#559]
  • Ability to Get the List of Subscribers for Specific Email Campaign Activities: This feature allows for more detailed analysis of email campaign engagement. [#550]
  • Subscriber Filtering and Segmentation Based on Website Events: Enhanced segmentation capabilities to target subscribers based on their interactions on your website. [#502, #531]
  • Customizable Website Activity Tracker JavaScript: Allows for customization of the web activity tracking script for more tailored tracking. [#538]
  • Journey Email Action Metrics: Introduced metrics for email actions within journeys to provide insights into performance. [#545]
  • Email Gateway ListID and SubscriberID Support: Enhanced support for ListID and SubscriberID in email gateways for improved data management. [#544]
  • User API Key Management: Added endpoints for managing user API keys, enhancing security and control over API access. [#450]
  • New Subscriber API End-Points: Create and Update API end-points for subscribers have been introduced, streamlining the management of subscriber data. [#467]
  • SMS Connector for MessageBird: Implemented an SMS connector for MessageBird, expanding communication channels with subscribers. [#411]
  • Antivirus Plugin: Introduced an antivirus plugin to ensure email attachments are scanned for viruses, enhancing security. [Various commits]
  • Mailchimp Import Integration: Completed integration with Mailchimp, allowing for seamless import of subscriber data. [Various commits]
  • ActiveCampaign Import Tool: Implemented a tool for importing data from ActiveCampaign, facilitating easy migration. [Various commits]


  • SMTP Server Error Message Refactoring: Improved error handling for SMTP server messages for clearer communication of issues. [Various commits]
  • UI Text and Database Value Updates: Updated various UI texts and database values to reflect "Octeth" branding. [#499]
  • Performance Improvements: Various enhancements have been made to improve the performance of the system, including optimizations to query handling and email campaign delivery. [Various commits]
  • API Notation Changes: Standardized request and response notation for API calls, making API interactions more consistent. [#513]
  • Security Patches: Various improvements have been made to enhance the security of the platform, including the implementation of a connection limiter for the email gateway and updates to ACL rules. [Various commits]

Bug Fixes

  • Multiple RSS Feeds Conflict Issue Resolved: Fixed an issue where multiple RSS feeds could conflict with each other. [#549]
  • SMTP Password Optionality: Corrected settings to make the SMTP password optional as intended, addressing user feedback. [#491]
  • Segment Count Expiration Time Update: Updated the expiration time for segment counts to 30 seconds, improving the accuracy of data. [#547]
  • Journey Action Subscribers API Optimization: Optimized the Journey Action Subscribers API endpoint for better performance. [#537]
  • Email Recipient Handling and Credit Calculation: Updated how email recipients are handled and how credits are calculated for more accurate accounting. [#509]

Octeth Development Roadmap

VersionStatusRelease DateNotes

Jan 3rd, 2022


↳ v5.0.1

May 2nd, 2022


↳ v5.0.2

Aug 17th, 2022


↳ v5.0.3

Oct 3rd, 2022



Dec 26th, 2022


↳ v5.1.1

Mar 14th, 2023



Apr 22nd, 2024


↳ v5.5.1

Jun 24th, 2024


↳ v5.5.2
Not Started Yet


Under Development

In 2024 Q3

Collecting User Feedback

In 2025 Q1

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