SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates

New SSL Certificate Initialization

If you want to activate SSL certificate and run Oempro with https://, please follow the listed steps below.

Important: This article is valid for Oempro v4.9.1 Docker and higher versions.

On the server that runs Oempro v4.9.1+ Docker version, go to the Oempro directory and then SSH login to the “oempro_haproxy” container:

Request the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate:

HEADS UP! If you’re going to use multiple domains for open/read tracking (under delivery settings), you can add all these domains to the command above with multiple -d parameters.

Certbot will verify the domain and then issue the certificate. Here’s an example output:

In order to make the certificate usable by HAProxy, you need to combine certificates. Go to oempro/_dockerfiles/letsencrypt/live/ folder, and run;

Edit the _dockerfiles/haproxy.cfg file, uncomment HTTPS related two lines:

Make sure that you have replaced with your actual domain.

TIP: If you’ve multiple certificates to set for HAProxy, add .pem files separating by space. Example:

If you make a change on haproxy.cfg file or on Dockerfile-haproxy file, simply follow these steps:

Don’t forget to edit /opt/oempro/data/ and change the value of APP_URL from “http://” to “https://”

SSL Certificate Renewals

To renew the certificate every three months, run this command inside oempro_haproxy Docker container:

After renewing the certificate, run the following command:

To apply changes, restart the HAProxy Docker container:


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