Global Custom Fields

Global Custom Fields

Global Custom Fields

Custom fields can be used for two purposes in Oempro:

  1. Personalization of the email subject, content and other email parts.
  2. Segmenting your audience into smaller targeted groups

You can create and manage custom fields in two different sections in Oempro. As an administrator, you can manage global custom fields in the [Admin Area → Global Custom Fields] section. Global custom fields are applied to all users and their subscriber lists. Users will see global segments in their lists, they will be able to personalize the email content using global custom fields, but they will never be able to delete or manage these global custom fields.

Users can also create and manage “List Custom Fields” in the [User Area → List Dashboard → Custom Fields] section. These “List Custom Fields” belong to their owner subscriber lists and they cannot be used by other users or inside other subscriber lists. For more details about List Custom Fields, please refer to this article.

Creating a Global Custom Field

In the Admin Area, click the drop down menu icon and then click “Global Custom Fields” link:


Click the “Create New Custom Field” tab and fill-in the form based on your needs:

Global Custom Field Parameters


Give a name to your global custom field. Depending on list settings this name can be displayed on the subscriber area or publicly.


Choose the field type from one of the options in the list.

Default Value

Set a default value for the custom field. It can be empty.

Merge Tag Code

Set a merge tag code. This code will be used as merge tag in email contents. For example, if you set this code to “FirstName”, you will be able to insert the value of this global custom field into email contents using %Subscriber:FirstName%. Merge tag codes shouldn’t include spaces or special characters.


If this feature is enabled, during lead generation form submission, the entered value will be validated.


You can set the visibility of this global custom field with this option. It can be only displayed to users or to subscribers and users.

Mandatory Field

Check “Make this field mandatory to fill in” if you want to force your users (or subscribers) enter a value for this global custom field during the subscription process.

Unique Field

Check “Force unique value entry” option if you want to force your users (or subscribers) enter a unique value for this global custom field during the subscription process.

Once global custom field is created, you will it in the custom field list with “Global” label next to it:

Global custom fields affect all users and their lists. Once you create a global custom field, users will be able to see the value of this field for each recipient they have on their lists. If you have a “First Name” global custom field, and the value of this field is “John” for, this value will be visible in all lists of the owner user account.

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