Subscribers are email address owners who can receive an email campaign, auto-responder, transactional email from you (the Octeth user). No matter how many subscribers you have, you can store them in just one or many subscriber lists.

Subscribers have;

  • Attributes (a.k.a custom fields)
  • Attributes store additional information about the subscriber. In addition to the email address, you can store unlimited amount of attributes for each one of your subscriber. To learn more about this topic, please refer to our Custom Fields section.

  • Activities
  • In addition to attributes, Octeth also stores the activity history of each subscriber. Did she open the email? Did she click the link? If yes, how many times? Which link? etc.

  • Events
  • For each subscriber, Octeth also keeps a log of events occurred such as delivery statuses, spam complaints, opt-out requests, etc.

Acquisition Channels

Subscribers are stored inside subscriber lists in Octeth. Each list is 100% isolated and each one of these lists can have different attributes, auto responders, segments, etc.

Octeth provides various new subscriber acquisition options to you.
Octeth provides various new subscriber acquisition options to you.

There are many different ways for adding new subscribers into your list:

  • Subscribe Form:
  • You can use Octeth’s built-in subscribe form feature to add new subscribers to your list.

  • Inbound Webhooks:
  • If you have your sales funnels, CRM system or any other third party system where you get your new audience data in, you can use Octeth’s easy-to-use inbound webhooks feature to get data from third party services, including Zapier and Integromat.

  • API End-Point:
  • You can use Octeth’s Subscriber.Subscribe API end-point to push new subscriber to the target list.

  • Direct MySQL Injection:
  • If you know what you are doing, you can insert the new subscriber data directly into the subscriber list MySQL table. Each subscriber list has a separate database table.

Subscriber Events

In addition to attributes and activities, Octeth also stores events of subscribers.
In addition to attributes and activities, Octeth also stores events of subscribers.

Octeth will monitor your outgoing email campaigns, auto responders and transactional emails and register incoming events related to your subscribers.

You can see the list of events monitored by Octeth above.

  • Delivery DSN
  • Successful or failed delivery status notification reports

  • Email Open
  • Email open (image load) events

  • Link Click
  • Link click event inside emails

  • Conversion
  • Sales/conversion event tracking (with the help of s2s postback integration)

  • Spam Complaint
  • Incoming spam complaints from FBL (Feedback Loop) programs

  • Opt-Out
  • Unsubscription requests

Browsing Subscribers

In order to see the list of subscribers that belong to a subscriber list or segment, login to your user area and click “Lists” on the top menu. Go to the dashboard of any subscriber list you have created.


Click “Browse Subscribers” link which can be found under “Subscriber Actions” drop down menu as shown above.

On the browse page, you will see the entire list of subscribers that belong to the list you are in.

If you want to filter your audience based on their attributes or activities, simply click the filter row:

Sensitive information is masked on the screenshot.
Sensitive information is masked on the screenshot.

Once you click the filter row, you will see a section where you can narrow down the list of subscribers by applying filters. This section is quite similar to the segment rules area. You can add multiple filter rules, link them with AND or OR operators and then apply these rules to the list by clicking “APPLY FILTER” button.

On the list, you can show/hide specific columns by clicking “Display’ drop down menu, change the sorting or navigate between list pages.

By clicking “Export Results” link on the toolbar, you can export the list of subscribers to your computer in CSV format. Once you click “Export Results” link, you will be redirected to the export dashboard. On this dashboard, you can see your previous export requests and download them:

You don’t have to wait during the export process. It’s processed in the background and you can check this section later to download it.
You don’t have to wait during the export process. It’s processed in the background and you can check this section later to download it.

Persona Card

When you click an email address in the list, you will be redirected to the persona card of the subscriber.

Persona Card is the special page which shows everything related to the clicked subscriber:

Sensitive information is masked on the screenshot.
Sensitive information is masked on the screenshot.

On the persona card, you can see the attributes of your subscriber including standard fields and custom fields. If you click “Activity” tab on the top right corner, you will see the list of activities detected so far (opens, clicks, etc.)

Subscriber Data Export


Once you click the “Export Subscribers” option as shown above, Octeth will ask you what audience to export:


You can choose all active subscribers, suppressed or unsubscribed subscribers or a specific segment subscribers to export.

You can generate your export data file in CSV, XML or tab delimited format.

You can also choose what fields to export. To choose multiple fields, hold your “control” key while clicking on them.

Once you click “Export Subscribers” button, the export process will be queued and you will be redirected to the data export dashboard.

Subscriber Import

Adding new subscribers to your list is pretty straight forward. Click “Add Subscribers” link under “Subscriber Actions” drop down menu:


Octeth will ask you how you would like to proceed with new subscriber import process:

  • Copy and Paste
  • If you have a few thousands of new subscribers data, this way can be more convenient. Simply copy your CSV file to your clipboard and paste it in this step.

  • Subscriber Form
  • This option is the ideal way when you have just one subscriber to add and you would like to do it using a subscribe form.

  • File Upload
  • If you have hundred thousands or millions of subscribers to import, please choose this option.

  • External MySQL Database
  • Alternatively, if your new subscribers data is stored in a third party MySQL database, you can ask Octeth to connect to your third party MySQL database and fetch new subscribers.

All of these options have similar process, therefore, we will explain you how to import a new audience using “Copy and Paste” method. You can use these instructions on other import options too.

Octeth does not limit you for the number of custom fields you can create or for the number of new subscribers you can import.

Once you choose the “Copy and Paste” method, the first step is getting the list of new subscribers data from you. Simply paste your CSV data to the text area and choose how your CSV data structured.


When you click “Next” button, Octeth will ask you to map import data fields with system subscriber fields:


You can map import data fields to a system field by using drop down lists as shown above. If you don’t want to import a specific field, simply choose “Ignore this field” option from the list for that specific field.

You must at least map the email address field. All other fields can be ignored by choosing “Ignore this field” option.

Once this is done, choose where to import the new data. You can import the data as “active” subscribers into your list. Alternatively, you can import the data to your suppression lists.

If you check “Update subscriber information” checkbox, when a duplicate email address exists in the list, the information of that duplicate subscriber will be updated with the ones included in the import data.

If you check “Do not send opt-in confirmation”, the double opt-in settings of the subscriber list will be ignored and new subscribers will be imported in active mode.

This feature affects only double opt-in subscriber lists.

If you check “Trigger auto responders, journeys, etc.” checkbox, journeys and auto resopnders will be checked and triggered for each new subscriber imported to the list.

Once you click “Next” button, the import request will be queued and processed shortly. You can either stay on the progress screen or leave it. The import process will continue in the backend.

Removing Subscribers

You can remove your active subscribers, suppressed, idle, or specific email addresses from your list by using the “Remove Subscribers” section under “Subscriber Actions” drop down menu.

This feature is a convenient way of getting rid of a group of common subscribers from your list quickly.

Unsubscription Process

Your subscribers can unsubscribe from your list(s) in various ways:

  • By clicking the opt-out link inside your emails
  • By using the “Remove Subscribers” section
  • By using the “Browse Subscribers > Persona Card” section

Unsubscription requests are handled automatically by Octeth and once an unsubscription request is received, Octeth follows the following procedure:

  • The email address is marked as “unsubscribed” in the target list
  • Any scheduled campaigns to this email address are canceled
  • Any scheduled auto responders to this email address are canceled

Built-In Subscribe Forms

Octeth comes with built-in subscribe (and unsubscribe) forms. This feature gives you a simple way of generating web forms and publishing your website pages.

On your list dashboard, click “Create Website Form” button on the top right:


On the website form page, you can customize your form settings, show/hide fields, change the theme, and generate the HTML code to publish on your website pages:

Octeth’s built-in web forms can be created for subscription and unsubscription events separately.
Octeth’s built-in web forms can be created for subscription and unsubscription events separately.

Third Party Subscribe Forms

There are many different and feature-rich third-party web forms, sales funnel services, CRM solutions, etc. To make the integration convenient for you, Octeth includes “Inbound Webhook” feature. With the help of inbound webhooks or API, you can add new subscriber to your lists instantly.

  • Inbound Webhooks
  • Takes only a few minutes to complete the integration. Very easy to use. You can subscribe both email address and custom fields. Please check “Webhooks” section for more information.

  • API
  • Gives you unlimited integration opportunity, but takes more time to perform the integration and requires developer assistance. Please check “API” section for more information.


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