What’s New in v5.0.1

What’s New in v5.0.1

What’s New in v5.0.1

We have made plenty amount of improvements, fixed bugs, applied security updates and added new features in this new version.

Randomized Segment Audience

Randomized segment audiences
Randomized segment audiences

You can set a segment audience size and randomize the target people matched by this segment. Every time you send an email campaign to this randomized segment, a different group of recipients matching the segment rule set will be picked.

Email Content Spinning

Content similarity check across ISP’s and ESP’s is becoming a big challenge for email marketers. Oempro’s new “Email Content Spinning” feature will help you unify your email content quickly by setting spinning contents. Oempro will randomly pick one of these contents and personalize the email content. With a few spins, you can easily generate thousands of different content variations for your audience.

Here’s an example email content spinning:

<p>{{{Hey!|Hi There!|Welcome!}}} %Subscriber:FirstName%</p>
<p>In this episode, I will talk about {{{how to build habits just in a few days|how to change your life with new habits}}}

CTR Retention Cohort

Keep an eye on your audience engagement
Keep an eye on your audience engagement

Monitoring your email open rates (which is getting less accurate day by day) or CTR is good but what about your audience CTR engagement? This new email marketing metric will help you understand your audience reaction to your emails over time and run more optimized email campaigns.

Randomizer Merge Tags

Insert randomized strings and numbers into your email subject, content and links for sending more unique content to your audience.

<p>Hi there,</p>
<p>Here's your unique case ID: %RANDOM:Number%-%RANDOM:String%</p>

JSON Custom Field Personalization Engine

In addition to the regular custom field personalization method, you can now inject a JSON data into the subscriber custom field and use this custom field to performan personalization based on JSON data.

<p>Hi {{ Subscriber:CRMData.FirstName }},</p>
<p>You have purchased our software on {{ Subscriber:CRMData.PurchaseDate }}.</p>

Advanced Conditional Content Personalization

We have implemented a new conditional content personalization module in Oempro v5.0.0. This module will give you more flexibility when customizing the entire email layout based on subscriber data.

{{ if Subscriber:FirstName }}
    <p>My name is {{ Subscriber:FirstName }} {{ Subscriber:LastName }}</p>
{{ else }}
    <p>I don't know what my name is</p>
{{ endif }}

{{ if Subscriber:CustomField18 == 'customer' }}
    <p>You are a Customer!</p>
{{ elseif Subscriber:CustomField18 == 'trial' }}
    <p>You are a trial User.</p>
{{ else }}
    <p>I don't know what you are.</p>
{{ endif }}

{{ unless age > 21 }}
    <p>You are too young.</p>
{{ elseunless age < 80 }}
    <p>You are to old...it'll kill ya!</p>
{{ else }}
    <p>Go ahead and drink!</p>
{{ endif }}

Drag-n-Drop Stripo.email Email Builder Integration

Create beautiful and mobile friendly emails quickly
Create beautiful and mobile friendly emails quickly

The well known drag-n-drop email builder Stripo is now 100% embedded into Octeth. Activate it by entering your Stripo API key and start using it inside your Octeth. Create beautiful mobile friendly emails in minutes.

Drag-n-Drop Unlayer.com Email Builder Integration

An easy-to-use drag-n-drop email builder Unlayer can be used inside Octeth. Activate it by entering your Unlayer API key and start creating beautiful mobile friendly emails inside Octeth.

Strict SpamAssassin Test Result Restrictions

Octeth has built-in integration with SpamAssassin. Starting from Octeth v5.0.1 release, you can restrict your users to send email camaigns if the SpamAssassin score is below a threshold.


  • Campaign resend flow user experience improvement
  • TLS crypto change
  • Segment engine SQL improvements
  • Oempro’s frontend Docker container Apache version upgrade
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe from “ALL” lists event trigger for journeys
  • Ability to rename audience export processes
  • Conditional personalization improvements
  • SMS marketing module support
  • Email gateway module support
  • On-demand SSL and reverse proxy module support
  • Various bug fixes and security patches

What’s Next?

Until the Oempro v6.0.0 major version release in 2023, we will be working on two version branches in 2022:

  • v5.0.x These minor versions will include bug fixes and security improvements based on user feedback and test group results. We plan releasing a v5.0.x minor version every few months in 2022 until the release of v5.1.0.
  • v5.x.0 We plan releasing three v5.x versions in 2022 and each one of these minor versions will include a few new features which will improve the functionality of the software.

Oempro v5 Roadmap

VersionStatusRelease DateNotes

Jan 3rd, 2022


↳ v5.0.1

May 2nd, 2022


↳ v5.0.2

Aug 17th, 2022


↳ v5.0.3

Oct 3rd, 2022



Dec 26th, 2022


↳ v5.1.1

Mar 14th, 2023



Apr 22nd, 2024


↳ v5.5.1

Jun 24th, 2024


↳ v5.5.2
Not Started Yet


Under Development

In 2024 Q3

Collecting User Feedback

In 2025 Q1

Do you have any feedback or feature idea that you would like to see in Oempro? Please contact us here or submit your feedback here.

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