RSS Plug-In

RSS Plug-In

RSS Plug-In

Want to launch a repeating email campaign that keeps your audience engaged with fresh content at regular intervals? Here’s a simplified guide on how to set it up seamlessly.

Why this guide is for you:

  • You’re looking to set up a recurring email campaign that resonates continually with your audience.
  • You aim to automate the process of curating content for your emails.

Steps to launch your repeating email campaign:

Step 1: Build Your Subscriber List

Start by using an existing subscriber list or create a new one specifically for your campaign. Simply log into your account and set up your list—no special configurations are needed for repeating campaigns.

Step 2: Define a Trailing Segment

A trailing segment allows you to dynamically select who receives your campaign based on specific conditions, such as:

  • Subscribers whose email addresses contain “”
  • Subscribers who joined more than 14 days ago or as recently as yesterday

This lets you tailor your audience for each campaign iteration.

Step 3: Prepare Your Email Content

Incorporate RSS feeds into your emails to automatically pull in fresh content. You'll need to insert specific tags into your HTML code to fetch and display this content, such as:

  • %RSS:[url]:[no. of items to fetch]%
  • This is the RSS content opening tag. Place this merge tag to the beginning of the repeating block. [url] is the RSS source URL. [no. of items to fetch] is the number of items to fetch from the source.

  • %RSS:TITLE:[length]%
  • The title of each RSS entry. You can limit the title by setting a [length].

  • %RSS:CONTENT:[length]%
  • The RSS entry content. You can limit the content by setting a [length].

  • This is the direct link to the RSS entry. Example: Blog post link.

  • This is the direct link to the RSS entry comments area.

  • RSS content publish date.

  • The author of the RSS content.

  • %RSS:END%
  • This is the closing merge tag. It must be placed at the end of the repeating block.

Here’s a basic HTML email template to get you started, where RSS feed items are incorporated within an unordered list (<ul>):

<!DOCTYPE html>
	<meta charset="utf-8">
	<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
	<title>Your Email Subject</title>
				<h1>Email Headline</h1>
				<p>Main content of your email...</p>
				<h2>Latest Updates:</h2>
					<!-- RSS Content Block Start -->
						<a href="%RSS:POST-LINK%">%RSS:TITLE:50%</a><br>
						<a href="%RSS:POST-LINK%">Read more</a>
					<!-- RSS Content Block End -->

Step 4: Create the Email Campaign

Now that your email template is ready, create your campaign in your email platform. This involves selecting your audience, setting the pre-header text, sender information, and ensuring your email content is set.

Step 5: Schedule Your Campaign

Finally, automate when your campaign sends by setting it to repeat at your desired intervals. For example, if you want to update your audience every morning, schedule your campaign to send daily at 9 AM. This setup ensures your audience stays informed about the latest posts or products without any ongoing manual effort from you.


Need Help?

If you have any questions or need assistance setting up your campaign, feel free to contact us at We’re here to help!


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