Journeys (Automation)

Journeys (Automation)

Journeys (Automation)


The Journey feature is a perfect way of automizing specific procedures for your audience. For example, you can create a sales funnel and move your leads from “Top Of The Funnel” to the “Bottom Of The Funnel” when specific conditions occur.

In this chapter, we will teach you how to create a journey and how to get the most out of it.

Creating a New Journey

Click [User Area → Campaigns → Journeys] link on the top menu. You will see an empty journey list if this is the first time you are accessing this feature. Click “Create Journey” button to create your first journey:


The first step to create your journey is to give it a name and then choose the trigger for your journey.

The journey name is a private information and it’s never displayed to your audience.

As it can be seen above, based on the trigger you choose, a different additional information can be requested. The list of triggers and their purposes are explained later in this chapter.

Once you are done with this step, click “Create Journey” button.

You will be redirected to the actions planner page of your journey:


You can navigate between journey information and action planner on the left side menu (marked “1” on the above screenshot).

To create the workflow of your journey, use the action list on the center of the page (marked “2” on the above screenshot).

Once you are done with your new journey, click “Save Journey Actions” button on the bottom right and then click “Enable” button (marked “3” on the above screenshot).


Octeth’s Journey feature is quite flexible. You can setup unlimited journeys with different workflows and link them to each other. Journeys can be used for setting up sales funnels, automating specific processes, updating subscriber attriburtes or passing data to third party systems like your CRM or sales agent dashboard.

Inspiration: When one of your “outreach” email campaigns is opened by a person, a journey can be triggered and the subscriber information can be transferred to your sales team dashboard for outreach call.

Journey Triggers

  • When a subscription occurs: When a new subscriber is added to a specific subscriber list, this trigger will be executed.
  • When an unsubscription occurs: When a subscriber unsubscribes from a subscriber list, this trigger will be executed.
  • When an email is opened: When a recipient opens an email, this trigger will be executed.
  • When a conversion occurs: When an s2s postback conversion is detected, this trigger will be executed.
  • When a link is clicked: When a link inside an email is clicked by the recipient, this trigger will be executed.
  • Manual trigger: The journey can only be triggered by another journey.

Journey Actions

You can combine any of these actions and create a journey:

  • Wait: Wait for X number of time (seconds, minutes, hours, days)
  • Yes/No Condition: Check for a specific subscriber attribute condition and re-route the journey workflow.
  • Start Journey: Start another journey.
  • Exit Journey: Exit a journey.
  • Exit This Journey: Exit the current journey.
  • Exit All Other Journeys: Exit all journeys except the current one.
  • Subscribe: Subscribe the person to another list. (autoresponders and journeys of the selectred list will be triggered)
  • Unsubscribe: Unsubscribe the person from another list.
  • Update Custom Field Value: Update the custom field value of the subscriber.
  • Webhook: Execute a webhook URL (you can pass subscriber information)

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