Bounce Catcher Add-On

Bounce Catcher Add-On

Bounce Catcher Add-On

This add-on requires Octeth v5.1.1 or newer version.

This add-on will take care of all incoming bounce report emails as well as list-unsubscribe emails. This add-on requires a separate VM instance to run. It shouldn’t be installed on the same server with Octeth.

This add-on contains;

  • Postfix for inbound email handling
  • Dovecot for IMAP mailbox access
  • Supervisor for daemon process management
  • PHP for the Octeth integration
This module is provided as an open-source module to the Octeth community. You can take a look at the Github repo and star it here.


After initiating your Linux VM (this document is written for the Ubuntu Linux distribution), follow these steps on the server with root access.

Update package sources list with the latest versions of the packages int he repositories:

apt update

Install packages:

apt install -y software-properties-common sharutils apt-utils iputils-ping telnet git unzip zip openssl vim wget debconf-utils cron supervisor mysql-client ufw make

Install Docker Compose and make it executable:

curl -L "" -o /usr/local/bin/docker-compose
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/docker-compose
docker-compose --version

Create the module directory:

mkdir /opt/oempro-mx-server
cd /opt/oempro-mx-server

Clone the repository:

git clone .

Create .env files:

cp .env_example .env
cd alias-server/
cp .env_example .env

Edit and configure .env files.

Build and run the system:

make build
make run

Edit the Postfix and change the myhostname parameter:

vi /opt/oempro-mx-server/docker-data/etc-postfix/

Update directory and file permissions:

touch /opt/oempro-mx-server/docker-data/var-mail/catchall
chmod 0777 /opt/oempro-mx-server/docker-data/catchall-imap
chmod 0777 /opt/oempro-mx-server/docker-data/var-mail
chmod 0777 /opt/oempro-mx-server/docker-data/var-mail/catchall
chmod 0777 /opt/oempro-mx-server/docker-data/redis-data

Once the Postfix configuration change is made, restart the container:

cd /opt/oempro-mx-server/
make kill
make run

IP Address and Domain Setup

Let's assume is your server IP address and you will use as MX domain.

  • Make sure you set the PTR of to
  • Make sure you set A record for pointing to
  • Make sure you edit /opt/oempro-mx-server/docker-data/etc-postfix/ and set the value of myhostname to

How To Enable TLS

Please refer to this article section on Github for more details about TLS setup.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at; we would be more than happy to help.


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