Oempro uses MySQL RDBMS as its primary data storage system. When Oempro is installed on your server, it comes with a built-in MySQL database Docker container and Oempro schema is installed on this database server.

This Docker container uses port 3306 on the host computer. Therefore, it can be reached via <oempro-server-ip>:3306.

Please make sure that you setup your server firewall properly to make sure that only authorized sources can access to the MySQL server.

MySQL Credentials

MySQL credentials (database name, username, password, host and port) are stored inside these files:

  • /opt/oempro/.oempro_mysql_env
  • /opt/oempro/data/
  • /opt/oempro/system/.env

If you make a change on any of these files, do not forget to run the following command to clear any configuration caches:

 docker exec -ti oempro_system php /var/www/html/system/artisan config:clear

Accessing The MySQL Database Remotely

There are many ways to access Oempro’s MySQL database server. You can connect remotely using a MySQL client such as Sequel Pro or TablePlus.

or you can setup phpMyAdmin Docker container on the Oempro server and access your Oempro database:

docker run --name phpmyadmin -d -e PMA_HOST=host.docker.internal -e PMA_PORT=3306 -e PMA_USER=oempro -e PMA_PASSWORD=<oempro-mysql-password> -p 8888:80 phpmyadmin

This command will spin up a phpMyAdmin Docker container on your server and it will connect to your Oempro MySQL docker container via To access phpMyAdmin on your server, use port 8888.

In order to stop the phpMyAdmin Docker container and remove it, run these commands:

docker kill phpmyadmin
docker rm phpmyadmin

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