Spam Complaints

Spam Complaints

Spam Complaints

When you send an email to a group of people, some of your recipients may get disappointed and file a spam complaint.

There are many ways for filing a spam complaint such as;

  • Reporting on the email client
  • Submitting to SPAM blacklisting sources
  • Reporting to the data center
  • Reporting to the domain name registrar
  • Reporting to the DNS service provider

Unfortunately, there’s no automated way of capturing data center, domain name registrar and DNS service provider spam complaint submissions unless they provide a way for this.

On this article, we will focus on capturing spam complaints reported via email clients (or ISP’s) and SPAM black listing sources.

Fortunately, there’s an automated and standardized way of receiving SPAM complaints from ISP’s and SPAM black listing sources and this is called Feedback Loop (FBL) programs.

You can find the detailed list of these FBL programs on blog:

You will need to apply for each FBL program one by one.

During the FBL program applications, you will be asked to enter an email address to receive SPAM complaint emails. Please prepare a mailbox to receive these SPAM complaints and use this email address for all FBL program applications.

Once you have finished FBL program applications and you are receiving SPAM complaints to your defined mailbox, the next step is to configure Oempro to connect to this mailbox, fetch FBL report emails and process them.

In the [Admin Area → Settings → Email Delivery] section, click “SPAM Complaints” tab.

Fill-in the requested information as described in the Settings article.

Below, you can see an example screenshot showing ideal Spam Complaint Settings:


Once these settings are saved, Oempro will start connecting to the given mailbox and start monitoring for any incoming FBL report emails.

Received FBL report emails will be captured by Oempro and then the content of the report will be analyzed to identify the sender account, the complaint owner email address. Once these two information are found, the SPAM complaint owner email address will be removed from the sender account, put into the suppression list and campaign SPAM complaint metrics will be updated.

Unfortunately some ISP’s and SPAM black listing services do not comply with the FBL report standard and sends unidentifiable reports. In such cases, Oempro may fail to identify the sender account or the SPAM complaint owner email address.

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