Oempro is an extendable email marketing and audience management software. You can extend functionality of Oempro or customize existing features with the help of plug-ins.

You can install one of our existing plug-ins, hire the Octeth Team to develop a plug-in based on your needs or you can develop your own plug-in.

We have developed hundreds of plug-ins for our customers so far such as;

  • Airtable integration for dynamic email content implementation
  • API logger
  • integration for instant and bulk email list validations
  • Campaign Monitor migration
  • Sender domain and IP address DNS validator
  • Horoscope dynamic content via third party content API sources
  • integration for sender IP and domain reputation and blacklist monitoring
  • Link blocker for expiring domains after 24 hours
  • Mailgun integration for email delivery and event handling
  • System monitoring and alerting
  • Recipient domain MX scanner and segmenting
  • RSS to email content fetching
  • TCPA integration for SMS marketing campaigns
  • UI logo replacer for the user interface
  • Webhook distributor
  • WooCommerce integration
  • and more...
Are you interested in extending Oempro functions yourself? Take a look at our Developer API and Plug-Ins articles.

Oempro plug-ins can be managed under [Admin Area → Settings → Plug-Ins] section.


You can enable or disable plug-ins by clicking corresponding links next to each plug-in. Please note that, if you disable a plug-in, the plug-in data stored on the database will be removed permanently. There’s no way to restore them, therefore, please be careful when disabling a plug-in.

Plug-ins can be installed under /opt/oempro/plugins/ directory.

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