Email Builder Integrations

Email Builder Integrations

Email Builder Integrations


Octeth comes with a few built-in email content tools such as;

  • HTML code editor
  • Plain text editor
  • Remote content fetcher
  • Rich text editor
  • One-click HTML to plain text converter

But in addition to these, it also supports integration with the leading two drag-n-drop email builders:

These two drag-n-drop email builders are very easy to use and they provide full featured email builder that can be used to create beautiful and mobile friendly emails in minutes. Most importantly, you don’t need the help of a developer to build mobile friendly emails with these tools.

Octeth has built-in integration with both Stripo and Unlayer. This means, you can use these drag-n-drop email builders inside your Octeth.

Third party services explained in this chapter may not be free. Please check their websites for more details about their pricing policies.

Stripo Integration


In order to activate the integration, first you need to sign-up for a free Stripo account on their website

Once you are logged in, click on your account photo and then click “Plug-Ins”:


Click “Create Application” button and give a name to your application (ex: Oempro) and enter the Oempro url.

Once your new application is created, you will see “Plug-In ID” and “Secret Key” parameters:


Copy these two parameters and paste them to your Oempro Stripo settings. If you want to activate power features such as Stripo Template Gallery support inside Oempro, set Stripo API keys for each user ID. Here’s an example:

    "2": "<stripo-api-key-1>",
		"3": "<stripo-api-key-2>",

In the example above, “2” and “3” represents Oempro user ID’s. Stripo API keys can be found under each project settings page:


Unlayer Integration

In order to use Unlayer drag-n-drop email builder inside Oempro, you need to copy&paste Unlayer project ID and API key under “” tab. Once these settings are entered, the integration will be activated.

Users will be able to choose Unlayer Drag-n-drop email builder option when creating an email campaign or auto responder.

Using Drag-n-Drop Email Builder

In order to create your email content using any of these drag-n-drop email builders, simply create your email campaign (or auto responder) and choose the corresponding email content builder option when requested:


Once you choose the “Drag-n-drop email builder” option from the menu, you will be redirected to the email create process. In the next step, you will enter the from name and email address as well as the reply-to information and preview text.

Once it’s done, the next step is all about your email content.


Enter the email subject and click “Open Email Content Builder” button to start creating your email using the drag-n-drop email builder:


Once you are done with your email content, click “CLOSE EDITOR” button on the top right. This will close the builder and you will return to your campaign settings. By clicking the “Convert HTML Content Into Plain Text” button, you can generate the plain text version of your email in a second:


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