How to unallocate port 25 and 587?

How to unallocate port 25 and 587?

How to unallocate port 25 and 587?

Octeth allocates port 25 and 587 for its own inbound SMTP server. This inbound SMTP server is used for bounce processing as well as reply monitoring and forwarding.

However, you may want to install and run Postfix, Qmail, PowerMTA or similar on-premise MTA on the server you are running Octeth.

In such a case, first you must disable port 25 and port 587 allocation on Octeth’s configuration.

Follow these steps:

  1. Edit /opt/oempro/docker-compose.yml file
  2. Under haproxy service, comment these marked lines with a dash:
  3. image
  4. Rebuild and restart Octeth’s HAProxy service:
  5. cd /opt/oempro/
    docker-compose build haproxy
    docker-compose kill haproxy && docker-compose up -d haproxy
  6. Now, you can go ahead and run Postfix, Qmail, PowerMTA or any other on-premise MTA on the same server with Octeth.

When setting up a delivery server in Octeth, set the SMTP host to instead of localhost. This will make sure that Octeth connects to the port 25 (or 587) of the host server.

When you upgrade your Octeth to the latest version, these changes will be lost. Do not forget to edit your docker-compose.yml file and perform the same change after the Octeth version uprade.


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