Source Name
Give a name to your SSO source. This name is private and never displayed publicly.
Source Code
Set a unique code for your SSO. It can be anything such as “mywebsite-test”
Optionally, you can also explain the purpose of this SSO source.
Expires At
Optional. If you would like to expire SSO requests coming from this source, set an expire date for the SSO source.
Valid For
Define number of seconds to keep the SSO link valid. Make sure that you keep your SSO links valid for only a few seconds to minimize the risk of link phishing.
[_] Create New User
Once this option is checked, Octeth will create a new user account with the given information if there’s no matching user accounts in the system.
[_] Login the user
This option will make sure that a unique session is created for the SSO user.
[_] Return the user data
This option will force Octeth to return a JSON response with the user information and session ID instead of redirecting the user to the user area.