SSO Source Parameters

Source Name

Give a name to your new SSO source. This is for information only.

Source Code

Set a unique SSO source code. This will be the identifier of your SSO source.


Internal description for information only.

Expires At

You can set an expiry date for your SSO source. After this date, the SSO will not work and authentication will be disabled.

Valid For

Enter the number of seconds to keep SSO URL’s active. Keeping this value high will make your SSO source become vulnerable. We recommend 5 seconds or less.

Create New User

Check “Create a new user account if corresponding account is not found” option if you want Oempro to setup a new user account if the corresponding user account is not found during SSO communication.

Login The User

Check “Login the user to the user area” if you want to login the user after SSO communication.

Return JSON Data

Check “Return the user data in JSON format” option if you want to retrieve the SSO response in JSON format instead of redirecting user to the user area. Useful for internal SSO communication between Oempro and the corresponding system.