SPAM Complaint Settings

Abuse Reports
Enter the email address you would like to receive abuse and spam complaints. This email address will not be disclosed publicly.
This email address will be added to outgoing email headers as “x-complaints-to”. Do not set your personal email address for this setting. In order to align domains inside outgoing emails, you can use %sender_domain% merge tag to make sure the complaints email address is always the same with the sender domain. Example: complaints@%sender_domain%
FBL Email
The email address which has been submitted to FBL programs such as Outlook JMRP, Google FBL, etc.
List Unsubscribe Email
The email address set here will be added to outgoing email “list-unsubscribe:” headers. List-unsubscribe header email address (or URL) receives a copy of the unsubscription request processed by the ESP. If you leave this field empty, Oempro will set the list-unsubscribe email address to the MFROM sender domain set in the Delivery Server settings.
Monitoring Method
Choose POP3/IMAP and enter connection parameters. “Email Piping/CLI” option will be deprecated in future versions.