Email Delivery Settings Parameters

X-Mailer Header
[Optional] This is the system-wide set “x-mailer” email header. You may leave this field empty to disable it or set it to any value you prefer. This email header will be added to all outgoing emails.
Centralized Sender Domain
[Optional] If you want to apply a system-wise return-path/sender email address domain, you can set this field to a domain that you control. Once this feature is enabled, you have to apply SPF/DKIM/DMARC policies to only this sender domain.
Default Delivery Channel
Make sure that this setting is set to “SMTP Connection”. Other options will be canceled and removed in future versions.
Seed List
[Optional] Email addresses set in this field will receive a copy of each outgoing email campaign. This feature is very useful if you want to receive and monitor all outgoing email campaigns from the system or run automated inbox delivery tests using a third party platform, such as Write one email address on each line.
Alias List
[Optional] When a reply is received to the sender/mfrom email address (or the from email address if you have enforced it), Oempro will check if it matches any of the defined alias rules here. If any rule is matched, the email address will be forwarded to the corresponding email address. You can set multiple alias rules by writing on each line. asterisk (*) character represents the wildcard feature. A few examples: when a reply is received to, the email will be forwarded to * This is the catch-all alias rule. It should be added to the end of the alias list. If none of the alias rules are matched, this rule will catch the email and forward it to the corresponding email address.
Relay Domains
[Optional] The list of domains you would like accept DSN (delivery status notification) emails as well as replies. If Oempro’s inbound SMTP server receives an email with a sender domain which is not listed here, the SMTP server will return “Relaying denied” response to the sender. This important for preventing open relay risk.
Pre-Header Text
[Optional] Pre-header text is a HTML snippet which is set inside the HTML email code. Modern email clients including Gmail, Yahoo, Apply Mail and many others use this preview text to display a snippet next to the email subject. In this setting, you can customize how to inject the pre-header text into the HTML email code. Simply click the “default pre-header text” link below the setting to define the default pre-header text template.
Subscriber Data Snapshot
Once this checkbox is checked, Oempro will capture and save the custom field information of each recipient in the campaign queue. The downside of this feature is, your database will consume considerably more space on your server disk but when your recipients open the email on a web browser in the future, they will always see the personalized email at the date of the email delivery.
On-Demand SSL Domain URL
This is a read-only information. If you are using Oempro with a third party on-demand SSL reverse proxy system such as Caddy, you may set this end-point URL on Caddy configuration to validate requesting domains before initiating an SSL certificate on the go.