Bounce Setup Fields

Forward To
Emails sent to abuse@, postmaster@, root@ sender domains will be forwarded to the email address entered here. It’s useful to receive these emails to a mailbox which is being monitored for manually sent complaints and other recipient requests.
Catch-All Domain
This domain will be used as a return-path email address domain in your outgoing emails. This feature will be overridden by Delivery Server MFROM domain settings.
Oempro will check how many times soft bounce DSN report has been received for each email address and decide if the email address must be marked as “Hard Bounced” once this threshold is reached.
Error Notification
Once this checkbox is checked, the administrator will be notified for any DSN report which couldn’t be processed.
Monitoring Method
Choose how to process incoming DSN emails to the defined mailbox. We strongly recommend you “POP3/IMAP connection” and enter IMAP/POP3 credentials for the connection. The “Email Piping/CLI” option will be deprecated in future versions.